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4 Of The Best Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa Bay Florida

Many thanks to The Cutlery Chronicles for including the CuBaoNo™ as one of the 4 Best Cuban Sandwiches in Tampa Bay. Come by and try our Japanese twist on the classic! Available at Ichicoro Ramen and Ichicoro Imoto locations.

Tampa Bay Times Top Restaurants

Well, this year is off to a dope start... Top Ten TBT 2019 AND Best Restaurant Design in Tampa Bay Thank you Laura Reiley and Tampa Bay Times once again for the love! This makes the Ichicoro Ramen Army’s dedication and hard work worth the grind. It seems crazy because we are just having fun at the end of the day. Big things coming so watch out!


Bar review: Ichicoro Ane crafts fusion cocktails

Thank you Tampa Bay Times for the shout out recognizing our thoughtful beverage program at ANE! We take a lot of pride in how we approach our creative drink offerings. The listings run deep, from our Japanese inspired cocktails, our sipping spirits, extensive sake list and the curated wines and beers. Drop by and let us pour you a libation or three.


Best of the Bay: Best Ramen

Extremely honored to be voted Best of the Bay “Best Ramen”. The crazy thing about it is that we know food is extremely subjective and there are so many awesome food choices you guys can choose from so Arigato.


Brunchuru @ Ichicoro Ane

B.E.C. RAMEN – (BROTHLESS) bacon/egg/cheese: North Country applewood smoked bacon, poached egg, parmesan, black garlic, scallion, shaved bonito flakes

One of our new Brunchuru items available at Ichicoro Ane every Saturday & Sunday, 11am–4pm. Reservations are now open, walk-ins always welcome.